climate-neutral shipments

50/50 – come and join us

Our sustainable initiative for climate-neutral shipments allows us to actively contribute towards environmental protection. All our customers are welcome to join us in this offsetting scheme – 50/50 – and to transport goods in a sustainable manner.

And this is how it works

Alpensped has been measuring the ecological footprint, the TCF (Transport Carbon Footprint) of every transport for the past eight years and specify this on every invoice. Now we are going one step further and also specifying the estimated amount of offsetting in our offer. A correct final settlement of the transport order with the CO2 emissions actually generated is then issued with the invoice.

Along with this, you will receive an appropriate document from us in each case as proof of the joint offsetting through the Gold Standard project we have selected, ‘Less deforestation of the rainforest thanks to efficient cookers in Kenya’ from myclimate.

Our transport carbon footprint (TCF)
is certified according to DIN EN 16258:2013

Our transport carbon footprint (TCF) is certified according to DIN EN 16258:2013.

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Our administration has been climate-neutral since 2011. Since then, we have also been offsetting part of our transport services through carbon offset projects.

We invite you to join us on our mission to continuously reduce CO2 emissions and help minimise the impact our economic activities on the environment.

Apart from offsetting, we also actively promote the reduction of emissions. For example, we already have two LNG trucks in our fleet and are shifting more and more transports to rail.

Learn more about our sustainable logistics and our corporate philosophy

You can find our sustainability report here.

Zum Download – die kompakte Übersicht der Klimainitiative:

Download – a summary of the climate initiative: