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Our transport services – Germany and Italy

The range of logistics services includes the organisation and execution of partial and complete consignments, volume transports and temperature-controlled transports as well as the execution of special and heavy transports. ADR transports and project logistics complete the portfolio of the freight forwarder Alpensped for Germany and Italy. Our Italian specialists Giuseppe Scredo and Manuel Niagu will be happy to advise you.

Freight forwarder in Italy with storage facilities:

Nationwide throughout Italy (incl. Sicily and Sardinia)

Our transport and logistics partners in Italy have sufficient space to store your goods for the time you specify.

Full loads:

  • up to 24.5 t capacity utilization
  • daily transports from and to Italy (incl. Sicily and Sardinia) from all over Europe
  • 24-72h journey time

We carry out daily transports to Italy, pick up your complete load and deliver it to the recipient no later than 72 hours later.

Partial loads:

  • Transports from and to Italy (incl. Sicily and Sardinia) daily from all over Europe
  • from 1 pallet
  • 48-96h journey time
  • Express and special journeys with 7.5 t small vehicles and 3.5 t buses

If your shipment only fills a part of our vehicle, we can also transport your partial load (from one pallet). The transports take place from all over Europe to and from Italy.

Volume transports:

Mega trailer up to 102 cbm

Even bulky goods are no problem for us. For voluminous goods we provide you with our mega trailers with 102 cbm within Europe, which transport your goods from and to Italy.

Temperature-controlled transports:

Vehicles with cooling or heating unit (-/+30°C)

This logistical service is based on a professionally organised continuous supply chain so that, for example, foodstuffs, paints or medicines are kept at a uniform temperature throughout the transport chain to Italy. Thus we also cover Italy transports in this area.

Special and heavy load transports

  • Heavy transports from and to Italy up to 100 t
  • Overwidth up to 6 m and overlength up to 25 m
  • Application for special permits
  • Provision of transport escorts

For almost every conceivable weight or every conceivable size, our special vehicles are ready to provide you with a suitable transport solution. Of course we also take care of the necessary permits for your heavy transports to Italy. More detailed information can be found here…

ADR transports (only for full loads):

  • A large number of our vehicles are equipped for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

Our dangerous goods officer Norbert Dirolf and
Massimo Faggin will be happy to answer your questions on the
subject of GGVS/ADR under +49 (0)621 84408-81

For the transport of dangerous goods from and to Italy we fulfil all requirements. However, this service is only provided for complete loads.

Project logistics:

Consulting, organisation and handling of project business

Across borders, from all over Europe, from and to Italy, we provide a complex service including transport and customs clearance, thus ensuring the entire flow of materials and goods.

With the forwarding agency Alpensped not only your transports to and from Italy are handled smoothly. With a wide range of services in 22 European countries, we are an international logistics company that professionally organises and carries out partial and complete consignments, contract and project logistics, automotive as well as heavy and special transports for you.

  • Giuseppe Scredo Phone: +49 (0)621 844 08-11
  • Manuel Niagu Phone: +49 (0)621 844 08-10
Data sheet of the vehicles for transports to Italy