Special loads

Special loads and heavy loads

If you have special requests for heavy loads, you’ve come to the right place. We take over the complete handling – from planning to secure execution.

  • Project consulting for your heavy and special loads.
  • Permit service.
    Application for special permits for all countries crossed during transport.
    Review of additional regulatory requirements in the necessary countries.
  • Execution of bridge and route inspections.
  • Organisation and execution of necessary structural changes.
  • Organisation and execution of traffic-control measures.
  • Provision of escort vehicles with trained drivers.
  • Organisation and provision of police escorts.
  • Full service for exact and personal handling.
  • We speak many languages.
  • Just-in-time deliveries.

Please contact us by telephone:

Steffen Herschlein +49 (0)621 84408-32
Massimo Faggin +49 (0)621 84408-81

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