Loose and bulk goods - Flexible vehicle fleet for all requirements

In our long company history we have always found new ways to keep up with the fast-moving times and to fulfil the wishes and needs of our customers.

In recent years, for example, we have expanded our services to include the transport of loose and bulk goods.

For pan-European transport we use tipper lorries (rear and side tippers) and tipping containers with up to 72m3 volume and a maximum load capacity of 30,000kg. We also use walking floor lorries with a volume of up to 93m³ and 25,000kg load capacity.

Our current customers include companies from the animal feed and fertiliser industry as well as from the recycling (paper, metal processing) and building materials industry. We take particular care to ensure we meet the requirements of the different industries and use different lorries for, for example, animal feed and metal to avoid contamination. Of course, some of the vehicles used for the transport of animal feed are certified according to the GMP+ standard.

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