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Experience, consulting and complete handling.

If you have special requests for heavy loads, you’ve come to the right place. We take over the complete handling – from planning to secure execution.

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Vehicle fleet For your requirements

For your requirements

  • Depending on the route, larger dimensions are also possible in individual cases.
  • Permanent permits are available for most EU countries.
  • Individual permits can be applied for all European countries, depending on the combination of weight and dimensions.

EXOY Interview with Dieter Filler

Interview with Dieter Filler

Dieter Filler, CEO, EXOY Green Systems AG, about his experience with the Mannheim-based transport service provider Alpensped.

The Exoy Group is the exclusive sales partner for the UHTH plants of CleanCarbonConversion AG, Switzerland. Their plants generate energy from waste materials and hazardous waste.

What does the abbreviation UHTH stand for?

UHTH means Ultra High Temperature Hydrolysis. This process converts all organic material into a clean, synthetic gas that is produced at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen – without smoke, ash or toxic residues.

Where is syngas used?

Clean syngas is used directly as a raw material in industry, but mainly for electricity and heat generation by gas engines or turbines, etc.

How big is such a plant?

We offer them in two sizes, for an output of 5 or 25 tonnes per day. The large UHTH-T25 requires space of approx. 25m in length, 4.5m in width and 10m in height and has a total weight of approx. 78 tonnes of stainless steel without peripheral parts.

Which vehicles are required for the transportation of these plants?

There are various special vehicles in use for special dimensions and large weights. Our exclusive transport partner Alpensped provides the required heavy goods vehicles such as open trailers, special low loaders, telescopic trailers, widenable mega trailers and other special vehicles. If required, the necessary mobile cranes are also provided for every weight.

What criteria did you use to select your transport partner?

There were various aspects: professional expertise in heavy and special loads is of course the most important factor. But we also need a partner who is very familiar with eastern European countries and who offers a full project management service, including customs clearance, permits and support. And it is particularly important to us that our customers also have a native speaker on site.

For such a plant, whose numerous components are manufactured in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Croatia, and brought to their destination in around 20 individual shipments, every step must intertwine. The organisation required to deliver just-in-time components is immense and I am impressed how professionally the medium-sized family business handles it all.

The fact that Alpensped is just as committed to environmental protection as we are is naturally a good fit and makes us perfect partners.

Ruland A project example

A project example

Nine months, 62 vehicles, 28 special shipments to the finished plant – this is one of our largest projects in a nutshell.

On behalf of Ruland Engineering & Consulting GmbH, a specialist in process plant construction, Alpensped took over the entire logistics service up to the on-schedule start-up of a new production facility – the planning, organisation and execution of the special loads from Germany to Serbia for a plant that produces juice concentrates.

Picture: RULAND Engineering & Consulting GmbH

Different modules were transported in three steps altogether, depending on delivery date requirements. The beverage tanks, each 4.7 metres wide and 4 metres high, were the largest special parts to be transported.

As a specialist for southern and south-eastern Europe, Alpensped has native speakers – both in-house and on site with its partners – in this case Serbian-speaking employees. This is an invaluable advantage when it comes to applying for national and international special permits for special or heavy loads, planning the route and checking current construction work to determine route passability. We took care of everything and also escorted the shipments.

In addition to the complex handling of heavy and special loads, Alpensped boasts expertise and many years of experience in customs clearance. Here, too, language skills play a very important role. Alpensped has brought the plant to its destination safely, on schedule and in accordance with the import regulations.

For such major projects, the optimum utilisation of vehicles seems to be of secondary importance. But for Alpensped, ecological and economic aspects are just as important in the planning and execution of all projects as quality.

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