Photovoltaics as the energy source of the future

Photovoltaics as the energy source of the future

The Rinovasol Group from Weiden in Rhineland-Palatinate regularly commissions Alpensped GmbH with the collection of photovoltaic systems and solar modules throughout Europe. A one-time order has developed into a long-term cooperation after Alpensped GmbH proved that it can meet the high demands of the Rinovasol Group in terms of professionalism, efficiency and speed in the handling of logistical processes.

After dismantling, defective and used systems and modules must be collected from various locations by the Rinovasol Group’s own employees and service providers and transported to the company’s headquarters in Weiden. There they are refurbished or recycled and thus made available to the photovoltaic industry again in the sense of the circular economy.

“Due to our sustainable and specifically ecological orientation, the cooperation with the Rinovasol Group and its employees is a great enrichment for us” says Massimo Faggin, Alpensped Managing Director. “Carrying recyclable and therefore sustainable products fits very well with our company philosophy. Solar energy is one of the most important energy sources of the future, so we are looking forward to what we hope will be a long and successful partnership with Rinovasol.”

“For our activity in refurbishment and recycling of defective and used photovoltaic systems and solar modules, we need a trustworthy partner in logistics. Alpensped GmbH is part of our permanent network of services, as the company understands our mission and enables fast processing at all times,” emphasises Rinovasol Managing Director Josef Gmeiner.

Managing directors Nitsch and Gmeiner

Photovoltaics is the outstanding energy source of the future. Solar energy is inexhaustible and can in fact cover the entire global energy demand. Millions of solar modules are needed to achieve these goals. To ensure that the demand for high-quality solar modules can be met in the long term and to avoid gigantic amounts of waste, new solutions are needed.

Rinovasol has therefore specialised in refurbishing or recycling used solar and photovoltaic panels. This makes new modules available for further use and significantly extends their life cycles. Rinovasol is the largest solution provider in Europe for the recycling and refurbishment of solar modules. The refurbishment of modules is a cost-effective and ecologically sound alternative to the wasteyard. 96.3 percent of the modules supplied can be refurbished and returned to the market. So far, Rinovasol has already refurbished or recycled more than one million modules. Further information at

Pictures: Rinovasol Global O and M GmbH

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