Future-oriented and sustainable

Alpensped offers a wide range of transport services. Your goods are in good hands with us.We offer process-oriented transportation processing for regular transports from all over Europe to our 25 target countries and back. We are particularly specialized in Southern and South-East Europe. Thanks to our modern fleet we can provide high-quality loading space for safe, ecological and economical transports.

From one pallet to a full load – we do everything we can to get your goods to their destination in the most environmentally friendly way possible. That is why we make sure that we only use newer generation vehicles, that we achieve a high level of utilization and, whenever possible, shift transports to rail. Because we want to transport climate-neutrally by 2025.

Let’s compensate together – climate friendly transports

We would like to take our customers with us on our way to continuous CO2 reduction and compensation. You have the possibility of compensating half of the CO2 emissions caused by your transport and we take care of the other half. Thereby we want to get closer to our goal of being climate-neutral by 2025.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. You will be amazed how little it takes. If you are interested, we can also send you a sample invoice.

Your contact person for this is Christian Faggin: +49 (0)621 84408-80.
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