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Your advantages as a freight forwarder for Alpensped

Family-run company: quickly accessible and personally there for you

Industry experience: on Europe‘s roads since 1993

Long-term partnership: fair cooperation at eye level

Fast payment: payment term of 30 days or immediate payment with 2% discount

Very good credit rating: certified by CrefoZert

Native speakers: our dispatchers speak a total of 9 different languages

Cooperation with Alpensped

Over 50 contractually bound transport companies from all over Europe. We maintain trusting and long-term relationships with our carriers. For example, we have been working with our Bulgarian partner Demirov Trans since 2008. We also strive for loyal, long-term and sustainable relationships with new partners, because they offer both sides many advantages and a high level of planning security.

References from our transport partners

Szili Szabo
Szili Szabo
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We have been working with Alpensped for several years, they always treat us as partners. Professional and knowledgeable people work. In addition to working relationships we have made a lot of good friends 🙂 I can only recommend them to everyone 🙂
Attila Tamási
Attila Tamási
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A reliable partner, we have been cooperating with them for more than 10 years. Professional team, treats every problem seriously.
Mariusz Gajda
Mariusz Gajda
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We cooperate with them for some time now. All I can say : more companies like that !!!
Csaba Jakabfi
Csaba Jakabfi
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We are working together with the Alpensped for more than 15 years now, and they are professional partners whom you can always count on.
Procem Sp. z o.o.
Procem Sp. z o.o.
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good cooperation, profesional transport forwarder.

We support the truck drivers

We support the association „Hellwach mit 80 km/h e.V.“ (= „Wide awake at 80 km/h“) in its fight against unnecessary death at the end of a traffic jam. More than 80% of fatal accidents on German transit routes happen at the end of traffic jams in front of permanent road works during peak traffic times. This is usually caused by rear-end collisions due to distraction or microsleep. In addition, many drivers are not sufficiently familiar with the safety assistants and how they work. It is precisely these issues that the association wants to address with the help of the transport companies.

What we are looking for and what we offer

While issues such as transport safety, lack of shipping space and the high demands of on-time delivery present us with challenges on a daily basis, we need honest and reliable partners with their own trucks to stand by our side.

We treat our carriers fairly. This also includes helping each other out when things get difficult and looking for solutions together. Furthermore, communication in the respective national language works better thanks to our numerous dispatchers from different countries of origin, in order to prevent misunderstandings.


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Let one of our long-term transport companies convince you.

Cooperation Demirov Trans - Alpensped: "Open exchange at eye level".

Demirov Trans from Bulgaria has been a permanent Alpensped partner with several vehicles since 2008. In an interview, the two managing directors Dimitri Demirov and Massimo Faggin reveal the secret of success of this long-term partnership.


How long has the collaboration existed?

D. Demirov: We have been a partner since 2008 and have several of our vehicles in permanent use for Alpensped.

Is Demirov on duty on a specific transport route?

D. Demirov: Yes, we are on a round trip between Germany and Italy, Bulgaria, Spain and France.

What distinguishes the long-term cooperation with Alpensped?

D. Demirov: The open exchange at eye level and the personal contact between our employees and especially our drivers to Alpensped is an important part of our joint success for me. Of course, financial security also plays a big role. Our outstanding claims are always paid on time, often even earlier than agreed.

I can also rely on Alpensped’s financial support when purchasing new vehicles. We always try to keep our fleet up to date, which is why larger investments are necessary every year.

M. Faggin: Since we can rely 100 percent on Mr. Demirov and on the Demirov Trans team, a close friendship has since developed between our companies.

Do technical equipment and IT play a role?

D. Demirov: Yes, of course. Our vehicles are all equipped with GPS and mobile phones and are connected to the dispatching department at Alpensped.
M. Faggin: The exchange of invoices and documents is now also 100 percent paperless. All documents are transmitted digitally from Demirov Trans to us.

Are the same drivers always on the road on behalf of Alpensped?

D. Demirov: Of course, we always try to use the same drivers for Alpensped in order to guarantee smooth service and processes for Alpensped’s various customers. However, we are also very flexible and replace drivers within 24 hours in case of holidays or illness.

For example, our driver Asan Aliev (nickname: Pakero) has been working for Alpensped for almost 14 years and goes in and out of the Mannheim headquarters every week.

M. Faggin: When Pakero comes, a good mood is inevitable. He is always in a positive mood and looks forward to a coffee with us in Mannheim. Above all, we can rely on his information and this results in a high level of punctuality for agreed appointments. We have become a well-established team.

How does the cooperation work in case of problems and delays?

D. Demirov: Our employees and drivers are in daily, often hourly contact with Alpensped’s dispatchers to coordinate and communicate current orders, problems or appointments.

What is the importance of transport safety?

D. Demirov: Transporting goods safely is in the interest of everyone involved. It starts with securing the load. Because we often move heavy vehicles and heavy goods, which have to be moved 100 percent safely. Mistakes in load securing could have serious consequences.

Since the issue of safety plays a major role for us and Alpensped as well as their customers, the orders are planned in such a way that both the required driving and rest times as well as driving to safe and partly also guarded parking spaces can be adhered to.

M. Faggin: Unfortunately, the issue of cargo crime is playing an increasingly important role in terms of transport security. For this reason, we are constantly trying to improve our processes in this area as well. This happens both in discussions and coordination with our customers, but also proactively through our membership in TAPA. This international association with over 600 members from industry and logistics deals with security in the transport chain. The exchange of experience helps us to become better and safer in this area, too.

Thank you for the interview, Mr. Demirov!

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