Even as a smaller logistician, Alpensped is able to successfully implement the topic of sustainability operationally.

In doing so, climate and environmental protection are paramount. Our strategy for optimizing our carbon footprint and reducing emissions is as follows: 1) reduce CO2, 2) shift transports from road to rail and 3) compensate CO2. This is how sustainable logistics works.

For this reason Alpensped launched the project climate-neutral transports in which half of the CO2 compensation for a transport is taken over each by us and our client.

Sustainability report

In order to enable the greatest possible transparency, Alpensped has been publishing a sustainability report on a regular basis since 2012. In addition to our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), the shipment-related Transport Carbon Footprint (TCF) is also measured and shown on all invoices.

B.A.U.M. environment and sustainability award

In 2020, Alpensped was awarded the B.A.U.M. environment and sustainability award. Not without reason: our entrepreneurial thinking and acting has been characterized for more than two decades by our commitment to environment and climate protection as well as social commitment.

Specifically, this means: we work consistently every day according to our sustainable N3 philosophy. N3 stands for economy, ecology and social issues. As a sustainable company we consciously place these three dimensions at the centre of our actions.


In the past quarter of a century we have developed from a small transport company to a medium-sized, specialized logistics service provider with process-oriented transport handling. Today more than 150 customers and more than 30 contractually bound carriers are among our business partners. However, growth at any price was and is not an option for Alpensped. Our goal has always been healthy economic development. That is why we ensure sustainable economic activity, taking into account our N3 concept. But how can new countries, markets and customers be explored in terms of sustainability? Our answer to this: organic growth, a healthy mix of industries, excellently qualified employees and certified quality.

At Alpensped all of this creates the basis for sustainable economic development. For us, a sustainable economy also includes an excellent creditworthiness, which is certified by Creditreform. The globally recognized certificate proves our stable company situation as well as our very good payment behaviour.

Alpensped is a pioneer in the field of “green logistics”. This is not only demonstrated by our certified environmental management according to ISO standard 14001:2015 or the climate-neutral organization of our administration. We were also one of the first medium-sized forwarding companies to have our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) certified for the entire company in accordance with ISO 14064:2012. Our Transport Carbon Footprint (TCF) is also certified according to DIN EN 16258:2013. Since 2012, we have been showing the specific TCF for each shipment carried out on all individual and collective invoices.

As a logistics company, we offer transport services to 25 European countries. This service makes up 99.74 percent of our CCF and corresponds to 17,358 tons of CO2-e. That is why we feel we have a special responsibility to protect the environment. Our goal: we want to work climate-neutral by 2025. In doing so, we are going three ways to achieve this – we are reducing, we are looking into shifting truck transports to rail and we are compensating. In the future we want to take our customers with us and invite them to participate in the compensation payments and thus bring more climate-friendly transports onto the road.

Alpensped compensates its CO2 emissions through the First Climate project “Less deforestation of the rain forest thanks to efficient stoves in Kenya”. In 2019, we compensated 1,736 tons of CO2, i.e. 10 percent of the total Company Carbon Footprint. On our “green path”, we also campaign – beyond compliance with statutory environmental regulations – for the sustainable use of resources and communicate this as well. In this way, we promote sustainable thinking and acting of our employees and encourage them to behave in an environmentally friendly manner. In July 2013 we put a photovoltaic system into operation on the roof of our company building which covers around 60 percent of our own annual current demand.

Compensate together – join in


With our sustainability initiative for climate-neutral transports we offer all customers the option of each compensating 50/50 and thus transporting in a climate-neutral way.

For us, social commitment is not an optional extra, it is an obligation. Whether tutoring for underage refugees, financial support for aid projects or an employee-oriented personnel policy – social responsibility for employees and society has always been an indispensable core element of our company philosophy.

We focus on the employees as the most important pillar of the company. This also means that employees and corporate partners are not disadvantaged or preferred because of their gender, nationality or membership of a particular religious community. We also encourage and involve our employees in the best possible way and rely on a cooperative management style.

Our broad charitable commitment also has a permanent place in our corporate culture. And that goes far beyond the financial support of charities like Doctors Without Borders. An example: our employees are released from their work from time to time to help out at the „Mannheimer Tafel“.

We also see our social responsibility, especially in the youth sector. That is why Alpensped supports several sports clubs, such as TSV Neckarau, Rhein-Neckar Löwen and SV Waldhof. Since June 2014 we have also been involved in the youth promotion “Anpfiff ins Leben” which integrates sport, school, work and social issues in a holistic way.

For our voluntary social commitment we were awarded the „Lea SME Prize for Social Responsibility“ by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing in Baden-Württemberg and Caritas and Diakonie in 2017. 

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