Even as a medium-sized logistics company, Alpensped is able to successfully implement the topic of sustainability in its operations. Climate and environmental protection are at the forefront of this. Because it is high time for logistics companies to calculate their CO₂ footprint and also reduce it.

Our strategy for optimising our CO₂ balance is: first and foremost, to reduce emitted emissions and, if the reduction is not possible, to compensate for them. This is how sustainable logistics works.

For this reason, Alpensped has launched the climate-neutral transports project, in which half of the CO₂ compensation of a transport is borne by our clients and half by us.

Our sustainability report

Since 2012, Alpensped has regularly published a sustainability report in accordance with the German Sustainability Code. The report shows the importance of sustainability in our company and that climate protection is a particularly important field of action for us.

We see sustainable reporting as an opportunity. It creates transparency and enables us to review the goals we have set. At the same time, we want to be a role model for our employees and other companies.

In addition to the various approaches to climate protection, we report on economic development, digital transformation and our social and charitable commitment.

B.A.U.M. e.V. membership

The Federal German Working Group for Environmentally Conscious Management Association (B.A.U.M. e.V.) is committed to a future worth living through sustainable management within planetary boundaries. Founded in 1984, the association has almost 800 members and is Europe’s largest corporate network for sustainable management.

The aim of B.A.U.M. is to sensitise and support companies, municipalities and organisations for precautionary environmental protection as well as the vision of sustainable business.

B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH has been supporting and advising Alpensped since 2017 in all matters of corporate environmental protection and sustainable development.

In 2020, Christian Faggin was awarded the B.A.U.M. Environment and Sustainability Prize. Not without reason: his entrepreneurial thinking and actions have been characterised by his commitment to environmental and climate protection as well as social commitment for more than two decades.

Guided by these principles, Alpensped works consistently every day according to the sustainable N3 philosophy. N3 stands for economy, ecology and social affairs. As a sustainable company, we consciously place these three dimensions at the centre of our actions.

N3 philosophy: economical

Guided by these principles, Alpensped works consistently every day according to the sustainable N3 philosophy. N3 stands for economy, ecology and social affairs. As a sustainable company, we consciously place these three dimensions at the centre of our actions.

Over the past 30 years, we have developed from a small transport company into a medium-sized, specialised logistics service provider with process-oriented transport handling. Today, our business partners include over 150 customers and more than 30 contractually bound carriers.

However, growth at any price was and is not an option for Alpensped. Our goal has always been healthy economic development. That is why we ensure sustainable economic activity, taking into account our N3 concept. But how can new countries, markets and customers be developed in terms of sustainability? Our answer is: organic growth, a healthy sector mix, customer orientation, customised IT and certified quality management.

For us, sustainable economy also includes long-term relationships with our carriers. Because those who have strong partnerships can realise their goals. All of this creates the basis for sustainable economic development at Alpensped.

N3 philosophy: ecological

Alpensped is a pioneer in the field of “green logistics”. This is evidenced not only by our certified environmental management according to ISO standard 14001:2015 and our climate-neutral administration. We were also one of the first logistics service providers to have our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) for the entire company certified according to ISO 14064:2012. Likewise, our Transport Carbon Footprint (TCF) is certified according to DIN EN 16258:2013. Since 2012, we have shown the specific TCF for each consignment carried out on all individual and collective invoices.

With our sustainability initiative climate-neutral transports, we offer all customers the opportunity to offset with us – 50/50 – and thus transport climate-neutrally.

In addition to complying with legal environmental regulations, we are committed to the sustainable use of resources and communicate this in our “green path”. In this way, we promote sustainable thinking and action among our employees and encourage them to behave in an environmentally-oriented manner. In July 2013, we put a photovoltaic system into operation on the roof of our company building, which covers about 60 percent of our own annual electricity demand.

We continue to pursue our goal of climate neutrality. Therefore, we have defined the following fields of action on the way to climate-neutral logistics: analyse – reduce – compensate.

N3 philosophy: social

For us, social commitment is not an optional extra, but a duty. Whether it’s local commitment, financial support for (inter)national aid projects or an employee-oriented personnel policy – social responsibility for employees and society has always been an indispensable core element of our corporate philosophy.

We specifically focus on our employees as the most important pillar of the company. We encourage and involve them in the best possible way and rely on a cooperative management style. We also offer our employees training courses and workshops, incentives and a healthy work-life balance. Diversity and equal opportunities are a given.

Our broad charitable commitment also has a firm place in our corporate culture. And this goes beyond just financial support for organisations. For our voluntary social commitment, Alpensped was awarded the Lea SME Prize for Social Responsibility in 2017.

A matter close to our hearts since 2020 has been our support of the foundation Stiftung Chancen für Kinder. In addition to financial support, we have put together a volunteer team that supports the foundation in matters of fundraising, marketing and IT. Our managing director is also the deputy chairman of the foundation.

In addition, we are involved with Doctors without Borders, the Mannheimer Tafel, Anpfiff ins Leben e.V. and several other aid organisations.

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