Sustainable logistics for South. East. Europe.

For more than a quarter century Alpensped is connecting a big part of Europe with its transports. With a fleet of more than 600 own trucks as well as trucks that are bound by contract we are offering frequent and reliable transportation services.

Alpensped GmbH is a family-owned enterprise from Mannheim and is being managed in second generation by the brothers Christian and Massimo Faggin. The name describes our initially exclusively transalpine shipping activity from Italy to Germany and back. Today we are active in almost all European countries, the name Alpensped still fits.

As a medium-sized family business in the Rhein-Neckar area, we are committed to sustainability for many years. That is why the name Alpensped stands for high-quality logistics and transportation services and the responsible exposure to environment and human being. This, in conjunction with best testimonials, makes us the right counterpart, especially for sustainably acting companies. As one of the few medium-sized companies Alpensped is certified by both standards DIN EN ISO 14064 as well as DIN EN 16258 and offers future-oriented contract and project logistics, the organization and realization of part loads and full truck loads as well as heavy and special transports.

Furthermore, an agile and system-oriented management as well as a continuous improvement process are forming our working style. So the digitalization represents a big challenge and similarly opportunity for us. At this point, Alpensped has already taken important steps to simplify respectively optimize commercial internal and external processes.

Quality, enviroment and creditworthiness

United by trust and common goals

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