Alpensped not only transports full loads (FTL), but also many smaller part loads (LTL) starting from one pallet. Due to good route planning, the collected shipments are usually not turned over, but are delivered directly to the recipients. The results are short transit times and a very low loss ratio which has tended towards zero in recent years. Consequently, your goods will find a safe and quick way of getting to their destination.

We also offer the exchange of transport equipment (e.g. euro-pallets, not one-way pallets) in some countries.

In order to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible, we not only pay attention to an optimal composition of the tours but also to a high utilization of our trucks. Of course we try to avoid empty trips here as well. In the long term we have set ourselves the goal of shifting more shipments to combined transport in LTL logistics as well. Feel free to contact us or submit your non-binding freight inquiry here. Our competent dispatchers will take care of it and will be happy to answer your open questions.

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