IT Services




The rapid digital development in logistics and the need to secure it with more and more security measures is a major task for our company.

Our IT landscape was designed to be modern and flexible in order to continue to meet the digital requirements of our customers in the future.

We are a logistician with high demands on digitization. That’s why we set up an IT department at Alpensped in 2018. With in-house software development we are no longer dependent on external tools and interfaces but can implement many IT projects ourselves. This means that we can respond more flexibly and more quickly to the wishes of our customers.

We are happy to support and advise you in the following areas, among others:

  • Individual software and interface programming
  • Development and design of your website
  • Data exchange via our web portal (e.g. shipment tracking, web order, document upload and download)
  • Processing of VDA4933T1, VDA4933T2, VDA4933T3, VDA4933T4, VDA4945 etc.
  • IT security
  • Sustainable green IT
  • General questions about software and hardware

We look forward to your inquiries about digitization:

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