A project example

Nine months, 62 vehicles, 28 special transports to the finished system – that’s the short form of one of our largest projects.

On behalf of Ruland Engineering & Consulting GmbH, a specialist in process plant construction, Alpensped has taken on the entire logistical service up to the on-time commissioning of a new production site – the planning, organization and implementation of the special transports of a plant for the production of concentrated juice from Germany to Serbia.

In total, different modules were transported in three steps, depending on the deadline. Thereby, the beverage tanks, each 4.7 metres wide and 4 metres high, were the largest special parts to be transported.

As a specialist for Southern and South-East Europe Alpensped has native speakers – both in-house and at local partners – in this case Serbian-speaking employees. This is an invaluable advantage when it comes to applying for national and international special permits for special transports or heavy loads, planning the route and checking the trafficability taking into account current construction sites. We took care of everything and also escorted the transports.

In addition to the complex handling of heavy loads and special transports, Alpensped has expertise and many years of experience in customs clearance. Here, too, language skills play a very important role. Alpensped brought the system to its destination safely and on time in accordance with the import regulations.

Given such large projects, the optimal utilization of the vehicles seems to be of secondary importance. But for Alpensped, ecological and economic aspects are just as important in the planning and implementation of all projects as quality.

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