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Rajko Tomasevic

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-14


Rajko Tomasevic

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-14



Alpensped has been on the road in Greece for many years and is also well positioned in its target countries. As your competent forwarding agent for Greece, we transport your goods safely and reliably in both export and import. The goods transported include, amongst others, plastic granulates, machine parts, airport accessories, paper and packaging (both palletized and rolled goods).

Full loads:

  • up to 25 tons capacity
  • daily from and to Greece from all over Europe

  • Express transits and special trips:

  • especially short transit times
  • with small vehicles (7.5 t) and busses (3.5 t)

  • Volume transports:

  • mega trailers up to 102 cbm

  • Special transports and heavy-duty transports:

  • special transports up to 100 t
  • extra width up to 6 m and extra length up to 25 m
  • provision of special permits
  • provision of transport escorts

  • Project‘s logistics:

  • consultation, organization and processing of project businesses and customs clearance

  • Transport safety:

  • our TAPA membership is an essential part of our security concept

  • In Greece we are currently heading for the following destinations:

    Transports to Greece are mainly carried out to these important locations: Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Larisa and Volos.

    Infrastructure and road traffic

    The Greek mainland has a well-developed road network of 117,000 km. The logistics infrastructure is constantly being improved. No vignette is required, yet a toll must be paid on most motorways.

    Due to its geographical location, Greece is suitable as a logistical hub between west and east. A special feature of freight transport is the considerable share of road transport in logistics, namely almost all goods are transported by road.

    Wirtschaft und Außenhandel

    Greece generated a GDP of € 187 b. in 2019, of which exports totaled € 33.8 b. and imports € 55.7 b.

    In foreign trade, Germany and Italy are the most relevant trading partners for Greece but there are also numerous imports and exports to other EU countries. The trade ratio amounts to 47.6%.

    Greece is one of the largest olive producers in the world. In addition to olives and olive oil, the most important export goods are food, textiles, metals, petroleum products, cement and electronics. The main imports are crude oil, refined oil and pharmaceutical products.

    Country and culture

    Greece is the southernmost state in Southeast Europe and is located on the Mediterranean Sea. The mainland also includes more than 2,000 islands, most of which are uninhabited. The country has over 13,000 km of coastline and lots of mountains.

    Greek culture is very rich and has evolved from antiquity to modernity. Traditions and customs are also an integral part of Greek society.
    Population:10,73 m.
    Area:131.957 km²
    EU memberyes
    Licence plate numberGR

    Stand: 2020

    Further information:

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