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Patrick Faulhaber

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-25


Patrick Faulhaber

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-25

Sascha Pfeifer

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Sascha Pfeifer

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-20

Добре дошли
Dobre doshli

Like Germany, Bulgaria is an important transit country. Our forwarding company has daily departure possibilities to and from Bulgaria from all over Europe. Whether steel, paper, wood, machines or waste, we handle your transports and logistics reliably and professionally.
  • up to 23 tons capacity
  • daily from and to Bulgaria from all over Europe
  • from 1 pallet
  • daily from and to Bulgaria from all over Europe
  • especially short transit times
  • with small vehicles (7.5 t) and busses (3.5 t)
  • mega trailers up to 102 cbm
  • vehicles with unit for cooling or heating (-/+ 30°C)
  • special transports up to 100 t
  • extra width up to 6 m and extra length up to 25 m
  • provision of special permits
  • provision of transport escorts
  • consultation, organization and processing of project businesses and customs clearance
  • 3000 m² of modern storage space in Plovdiv and Sofia
  • our TAPA membership is an essential part of our security concept
  • In Bulgaria we are currently heading for the following destinations:

    Our trucks are currently driving to the capital Sofia as well as the destinations Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Russe and Stara Sagora. Of course we also offer transport services to other Bulgarian locations.

    Infrastructure and road traffic

    Of the 40,231 km long Bulgarian road network, 19,512 km are paved (as of 2011).

    While 812 km of motorway have been expanded, 135 km of motorway are still in the process of being completed. In addition, the motorway network is to be expanded.

    A vignette is required to use the motorways and country roads.

    In the future, Bulgaria could become even more interesting as a transit country due to its good geographical location between Europe and Asia and within Eastern Europe.

    Economy and foreign trade

    Of the GDP of € 61 b. generated in 2019, € 29.8 b. are exports and € 33.2 b. are imports. Thereby, Germany is Bulgaria’s most important trading partner. In the meantime, a number of international, including German, companies have settled in Bulgaria – especially in the trading sector.

    The main export and import goods from Bulgaria are:

  • chemical products
  • consumer goods
  • machines
  • foodstuffs, drinks and tobacco
  • steel products
  • textile products
  • raw materials
  • Country and culture

    Bulgaria is located in south-east Europe. In its diverse nature, there are high mountains such as the Balkan Mountains, flat plains such as the Danube Plain, many forests and the Black Sea with the Golden Sands.

    Bulgarian culture is shaped by age-old traditions, folklore dances and rituals. The Balkan country has some cultural treasures that have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Due to Bulgarian history, the population is composed of many different ethnic groups.
    Population:6,95 m.
    Area: 110.994 km²
    Capital: Sofia
    Currency: Lew
    EU member yes
    Licence plate number BG

    Stand: 2020

    Further information:

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