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Sascha Pfeifer

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-20


Sascha Pfeifer

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-20

Patrick Faulhaber

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Patrick Faulhaber

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-25

Bine ati venit!


Romania is one of our most important circuits. As a Romania specialist, the Alpensped forwarding agency has been handling the entire regional freight forwarding in Romania for one of the leading German automobile manufacturers reliably and competently since 2003.

We drive many transports to and from Romania from all over Europe every day and can access many years of experience in logistics in Romania. Thanks to our Romanian-speaking employees, transports and communication run even more smoothly.

With our modern trucks and our diverse fleet of vehicles we are ideally equipped to carry out your transport order professionally.

Full loads:

  • up to 23 tons capacity
  • daily from and to Romania from all over Europe

  • Partial loads:

  • from 1 pallet
  • daily from and to Romania from all over Europe

  • Express transits and special trips:

  • especially short transit times
  • with small vehicles (7.5 t) and busses (3.5 t)

  • Volume transports:

  • mega trailers up to 102 cbm

  • Temperature-controlled transports:

  • vehicles with unit for cooling or heating (-/+ 30°C)

  • Special transports and heavy-duty transports:

  • special transports up to 100 t
  • extra width up to 6 m and extra length up to 25 m
  • provision of special permits
  • provision of transport escorts

  • Transports of dangerous goods:

  • transports of hazardous materials

  • Project‘s logistics:

  • consultation, organization and processing of project businesses and customs clearance

  • Storage facilities:

  • a total of over 10,000 m² of storage space in Arad, Satu Mare, Brasov, Pitesti, which are covered, completely fenced, video-monitored and open 24/7

  • Transport safety:

  • our TAPA membership is an essential part of our security concept

  • In Romania we are currently heading for the following destinations:

    As an automotive regional freight forwarder we drive to around 70 automotive suppliers and many other loading and unloading points throughout Romania. These are based in Arad, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Dej, Satu Mare, Targu Mures, Sibiu, Brasov, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Iasi and Bucharest, among others.

    Infrastructure and road traffic

    The 84,185 km long Romanian road network is asphalted for 49,873 km. The motorway network consists of a total of 850 km of completed and 172 km of unfinished motorways (as of the end of 2019). Further highway expansions are still in the planning stage. The network of petrol stations and workshops is well laid out.

    An electronic vignette must be purchased for motorways and federal roads.

    Due to the nature of the road, the maximum permissible total weight on Romanian roads is 23 tons.

    Economy and foreign trade

    2019 Romania generated a GDP of € 223 b., of which € 68.7 b. was exported and € 86.2 b. was imported. Romania’s most important trading partners for the import and export of goods are Germany and Italy.

    The following goods are mainly produced in Romania:

  • electronics
  • vehicles (Dacia)
  • automotive parts (many well-known auto parts
    manufacturers and suppliers are located across the country)
  • chemical products
  • steel
  • medication
  • textiles (make up ¼ of Romanian exports)
  • shoes
  • food (esp. sheep and goat products)
  • maize (largest maize producer in the EU)

  • Country and culture

    Romania is located in south-eastern Europe on the Black Sea. In addition to scenic highlights such as the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube Delta, there are also some of the last untouched forests in Europe.

    Romanian culture is diverse and individual. Many different minorities live together peacefully here. Particularly noteworthy is the successful combination of tradition and modernity in society.
    Population:20,12 M.
    Area:238.391 km²
    Licence plate number:RO

    Stand: 2020

    Further information:

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