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Razvan Pantea

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-15


Razvan Pantea

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-15

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Rajko Tomasevic

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-14



For Alpensped France has become one of the most important target countries in recent years. A large part of our fleet of vehicles is meanwhile on the French roads week after week on behalf of our customers. The industries served and the transport routes are very diverse by now. Today, Alpensped counts companies from the food, paper, packaging, mechanical engineering, automotive and pharmaceutical industries as well as the aerospace industry among its most important customers.

Our broad portfolio of transport services and our almost nationwide partner network in France make Alpensped the right France partner for you.

Full loads:

  • up to 25.5 tons capacity
  • 24-72 hours transit time
  • daily from and to France from all over Europe

  • Express transits and special trips:

  • especially short transit times
  • with small vehicles (7.5 t) and busses (3.5 t)

  • Volume transports:

  • mega trailers up to 102 cbm

  • Temperature-controlled transports:

  • vehicles with unit for cooling or heating (-/+ 30°C)

  • Special transports and heavy-duty transports:

  • special transports up to 100 t
  • extra width up to 6 m and extra length up to 25 m
  • provision of special permits
  • provision of transport escorts

  • Project‘s logistics:

  • consultation, organization and processing of project businesses and customs clearance

  • Transport safety:

  • our TAPA membership is an essential part of our security concept

  • In France we are currently heading for the following destinations:

    Primary transport destinations in France are Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Bordeaux and Toulouse.

    Infrastructure and road traffic

    The modern infrastructure, consisting of a 1,053,200 km long road network, including 9,000 km of motorway, ideally links France to its neighbouring countries.

    French motorways are toll roads. The toll is paid either in cash at machines or by credit card or using the Télépéage system with a transponder.

    Around 1.85 billion tonnes of freight were transported by road in France in 2019, which corresponds to a transport performance of 179.6 billion tonne-kilometres.

    The Channel Tunnel between France and England enables road freight traffic between mainland Europe and the island of Great Britain.

    Economy and foreign trade

    France’s GDP in 2019 was € 2,426 b. The export of goods amounting to € 510.4 b. and imports amounting to € 583.9 b. result in a trade deficit. France’s main trading partners are Germany, Spain and Italy.

    France mainly exports automotive parts, engineering products, aerospace products, pharmaceutical products, electronics as well as wine and food. Imported goods mainly include energy sources, chemical products, machines, electronics, food and cut goods.

    Country and culture

    France is divided into 18 regions (départements) and is the country with the largest area in the EU. Its coasts are on the Mediterranean, Atlantic, English Channel and the North Sea. The island of Corsica is also part of France. Inland, huge mountain ranges such as the Pyrenees and the Alps cross the country. There is also the 4810 m high Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe.

    France is one of the most visited countries in the world. The French culture is very rich and is particularly promoted and cultivated by the state. The French language is also protected as a cultural asset.
    Population:66,99 m.
    Area:632.834 km²
    EU memberyes
    Licence plate numberF

    Stand: 2020

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