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Sascha Pfeifer

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Sascha Pfeifer

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-20

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Patrick Faulhaber

Ph.: +49(0)621 844 08-25

Bine ati venit!

Moldova resp. the Republic of Moldova is now also part of our wide range of countries. As an experienced specialist for Romania it made sense for us to also carry out transports to Moldova and to provide a wide range of services here as well. Alpensped currently serves the automotive industry with regular transports between Moldova and Germany. There are also other routes to and from Moldova in connection with other European countries.

Our native speaking employees handle the entire transport to and from Moldova professionally and to the full extent for you. Since Ukraine is not in the EU, we can also help you with the customs clearance of your goods.

Simply contact us to receive a non-binding price offer. Send us a freight query using our online form or call us personally. We are happy to consult you.
  • up to 23 tons capacity
  • daily from and to Moldova from all over Europe
  • from 1 pallet
  • daily from and to Moldova from all over Europe
  • especially short transit times
  • with small vehicles (7.5 t) and busses (3.5 t)
  • mega trailers up to 102 cbm
  • special transports up to 100 t
  • extra width up to 6 m and extra length up to 25 m
  • provision of special permits
  • provision of transport escorts
  • consultation, organization and processing of project businesses and customs clearance
  • our TAPA membership is an essential part of our security concept
  • In Moldova we are currently heading for the following destinations:

    We are presently driving to the capital Chisinau as well as to Comrat and Balti but we can also approach other transport destinations for you.

    Infrastructure and road traffic

    The road network in Moldova covers 9,352 km which is below average in European comparison. 8,835 km thereof are paved.

    The trunk road network has a total length of 1,112 km (as of 2019). A vignette is required for all non-Moldovan vehicles on the entire road network.

    Some companies have already discovered Moldova as a business location for themselves and the trend is rising. Due to its location between Romania and Ukraine, the country is part of the Eastern European logistics market.

    Economy and foreign trade

    In 2019 Moldova generated a GDP of € 10.7 b. Exports make up € 3.2 b. and imports € 5.79 b. which shows a clearly negative trade balance. Moldova’s main trading partners are Romania, Russia and Ukraine.

    The main exports are food, electrical engineering, clothing as well as raw materials. Mainly chemical products and food are imported.

    Moldova is one of the poorest European countries and its economy is also one of the weaker ones in Europe. The country is also a developing country. However, Moldova has reached a free trade agreement with the EU which has led to the establishment of a free trade area.

    Country and culture

    Moldova is located in south-eastern Europe near the Black Sea and is a small landlocked country. The south is flat, the north a little more hilly.

    Part of the country on the border with Ukraine has separated itself from Moldova and is called Transnistria. The independence of this area has not yet been finally clarified.

    The population consists of different ethnicities. Moldovans (Romanians) as well as Ukrainians and Russians live in Moldova. The official language is Romanian, but with a Moldovan dialect, which is known as Moldovan. Russian is also widely spoken.

    Folk music and pastoral music continue to play a major role in Moldovan culture. It accompanies the rituals and festivals that are celebrated every season.
    Population:3,55 m.
    Area:33.843 km²
    Currency:Moldovan Leu
    EU member:no
    Licence plate number:MD

    Stand: 2020

    Further information:

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